Unlock The MATT Supporters

Administrative Offices

  • Robert Adler and Anne-Marie Nolin in honor of Bob Burns
  • Raymond and Penny Albini in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Susan and Victor Atkins
  • Joan Baldwin and Geoffrey Rossano
  • Martha and Robert Bernstein in honor of Bob Burns
  • Fay Billings
  • Christopher Brooks and Deborah Lockhart
  • Janice Brunetti in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Gary Schiro in honor of Bob Burns
  • Diane Cannata in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Thomas and Joanne Ciriello
  • Cathy Clark and Colleen Moneypenny
  • Phyllis Connors
  • Carla Corcoran
  • Lynn and Chris Curless
  • Nancy Daddona in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Maria and Augusto de Asis
  • Peggy Eckert in honor of Bob Burns
  • Merrill and David French
  • Judith Godburn
  • Sandra Hall in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Lisa Hanson in honor of Bob Burns
  • Stephanie and Ray Harris
  • Sharon Malich Hendricks
  • Molly Kellogg
  • Georgia Knisley
  • Valerie Mickewich in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Eugenia Mickewich in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Allen Mickewich in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Katelyn Mussman
  • Michael O'Connor in memory of Stephen O'Connor
  • Roy O'Neil
  • Todd Pentino
  • Edward Rado in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Carl and Sandy Rosa
  • Janice and Anthony Shambor
  • James and Susan Shehan
  • Kathryn Stein
  • Mark and Jean Stender in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Rita Vailonis in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Burke Wasserman 

Archival Storage

  • Kathy Bower and Rick Richardson
  • Robert and Tara Caulfield
  • Gloria and William Faraci
  • Robert Fenn
  • Martha Green and Alan Cohen
  • Susan and Murray Haber
  • David and Kathy Krechevsky
  • Kathryn Luria
  • John and Ingrid Manning
  • Michael and Sara Matzkin
  • Rosemary Monagan
  • Marion Pollack
  • Janice Post 

Baker Gallery

  • Joel and Nancy Becker
  • Obadiah Wilford

Button Gallery

  • Roger and Dawn Ames
  • Richard Caporaso
  • Fehmida Chipty and Najmuddin Patwa
  • Krista Clark
  • Catherine Clark
  • Linda Harris
  • Robert and Marie Sweeney


  • Salvatore and Maria-Christina Agati
  • Joan and Bill Anthony
  • Christopher Berman
  • Stephanie Brody-Lederman and Gerald Lederman
  • Arthur and Linda Carter
  • Karen Cordero
  • William and Allyn DeMaida
  • Deborah Foord
  • Valerie Friedman and Frank Adams
  • Norman and Trudie Hamilton
  • Brian Henebry and Susan Henebry
  • Jaci Carroll Staffing in memory of Jaci Carroll
  • Joseph and Nancy Kinsella
  • Wilfredo Lopez
  • Jeffrey and Elizabeth Lynch
  • John and Nancy Newton
  • Selim and Linda Noujaim
  • W. Scott and Jean Peterson
  • Sarah Shinn Pratt
  • Dolores Riollano
  • James and JoAnn Robertson
  • Susan Rohrmeier
  • Terese Roland
  • Nicholas Ryan
  • Nancy and Ed Schuler
  • Danielle and Corey Shaker
  • StayWell Health Care
  • Elaine Strobel in memory of George Strobel, Jr.
  • Peter and Fran Tatalias
  • Jessica and Brian Tinsley
  • Edwin Undercuffler
  • Bettejane Wesson and Steve Vass
  • Jeffrey and Joan Wilson 


  • Constance and Mark Carrington
  • Karen Cordero
  • Kristine Gorman
  • Debra Hinck and Vincent DeLuise
  • Ranji Latchmansingh
  • Joseph and Meaghan Macary
  • Marcia Tierney in honor of The Tierney Family
  • Julia Whitney in memory of Nina Cherubino
  • Felicia and James Whitney in memory of Nina Cherubino

Collections Storage

  • Karen Zukowski

Curatorial Office

  • Jack and Pamela Baker
  • Joel and Nancy Becker
  • Martha and Robert Bernstein
  • David and Betty Bozzuto
  • Richard and Nancy Bushka
  • David and Constance Cheever
  • Bart and Maria Cutrali
  • Judith Godburn
  • Dionte` Lee
  • David and Theresa Mieczkowski
  • Charles and Marcia Monagan
  • Laurie and Thomas Porzio
  • James and Jill Strub
  • Victor Torchia and Ben Ortiz
  • C. Hiram Upson
  • Vicki and Shawn Whisenhant

Education Office

  • Kristen Cherubino-Colombo in memory of Nina Cherubino
  • Stephanie Coakley
  • Blanche and William Feero in memory of Herman and Yola Somma
  • Dorothy Thurston 

Elevator Lobby

  • Drew International
  • Shirley Jenks and Bill Jenks
  • Roy O'Neil in memory of Michelle O. O'Neil
  • Lucille Parsons

Foyer and Museum Shop

  • Elias and Annette Aburdene in memory of Felix and Olga Aburdene
  • Muffy Barhydt
  • Joel and Nancy Becker
  • Robert Burns and Gary Schiro in honor of the Staff of the Mattatuck Museum
  • Budwitz & Meyerjack, P.C.
  • Alfred Forino and Eric Baptista
  • Lynn and Fraser Ward
  • Tom Yost and Mary Daniel in honor of Alexa, Elliot, Clara, and Norah Skutch

Hiram Upson Gallery

  • Fred and Angie Matthis
  • Janette Staloff

History Gallery

  • John and Marisa Dadonna
  • Frank Maggio
  • Woody and Beverly Mosch
  • John and Pam Panasci
  • Monroe and Beverly Webster
  • Rob Sean Wilson and Mari Hoashi-Wilson in memory of Stephen Mark Wilson


  • Michael and Joan Dooling
  • Cheryl and Neil Dubois
  • Howard Fielding and Barbara Hampton in honor of Michael Dooling
  • Ray and Angela Lynch in honor of Janice Shambor
  • Philip and Judith Rowley
  • Eugene and Christine Shugrue
  • Toddy Turrentine in memory of Walter F. Torrance, Jr.

Mechanical Spaces

  • Joel and Nancy Becker in memory of Dorothy and Morris Stein

Monteiro Family Community Gallery

  • Michael and Maureen Conard
  • Jeff and Betsey Cooley in honor of Bob Burns

Munger Gallery

  • Sara and Jeffery Buell
  • Mary and Steven Chiappalone
  • John Ford
  • Jason and Jessica Gagnon
  • Gregory and Mauria Jacobi
  • Eugene and Judith Mirrer
  • Sandra and Jack Senich

Performing Arts Center

  • Carl and Carolyn Cicchetti in honor of Bob Burns
  • Jennine and Robert Lupo
  • Michael Monagan
  • Susan Monagan and Richard Guttridge
  • Rob Sean Wilson and Mari Hoashi-Wilson in memory of Stephen Mark Wilson


  • Jennifer Bishop
  • Tambra Dillon
  • Tile America

Rooftop Terrace

  • James and Margaret Foley
  • Fayal Greene and David Sharpe
  • Devin Lynch
  • Janice Mullaly
  • Roy O'Neil
  • Alice and Fletcher Ostrander
  • Gregory and Rita Ostrander in memory of Dhanushka Monagan
  • Christine Parsons
  • Lucy Pierpont and Lisa Leonard
  • Nicholas Ryan
  • Michele Zommer


  • Susan Sprano and Dan Oris
  • Neuberger Berman

Whittemore Gallery

  • Tammy Christel in memory of Thyrza Upson Christel
  • Michael and Joan Dooling
  • Michael Kukiel
  • Sandy Starbuck in memory of The Whittemore Family
  • Thyrza Whittemore